The Final Prophecy


The Final Prophecy is upon us. The demon of the Dream Realms has passed between dimensions and unleashes his spawn upon the Earth; devouring the world’s fossil fuel reserves. Plunged into a technological dark age, humankind faces the wrath of nature as earthquakes and tsunami follow massive land and seabed collapses. The beast of the Realms takes command of his creator’s ancient Coven of Power; the anonymous rulers of Earth, whose sole purpose is to exterminate the old genus of human in preparation for Belial’s rebirth.

But the Ancient Ones have a new clanswoman; Alice Towers, whose supernatural powers span infinite dimensions. She and her seraph, Malacor, free billions of tortured human minds from the grip of the demon’s nightmare realms, gifting them the Ancient Knowledge denied by Belial’s treachery ten thousand years past. But, with Ancient Knowledge comes mind-blowing revelation about the origins of our species and its devastating consequences.

The last days of the old order are coming to a close and humankind’s struggle for freedom in the new age hinges on the outcome of the Final Prophecy . . .

Alice’s only earthbound ally, Leona, is also an antediluvian soul who has lived and reincarnated as a human for thousands of years. As one of the Ancient Coven and practitioner of the old knowledge, Leona summons shadows to protect Alice’s slumbering body and Magog’s timeworn effigy. But Leona’s maleficent sister, Lillian, another of the ancients, is equally as determined to capture Alice; the vessel by which the Demon Lord of the Realms intends to escape the confines of his nebulous world.

A bloody battle ensues on Earth as Lillian’s underworld demons and Leona’s defensive forces tear lives apart, whilst an increasingly insane world creeps inexorably closer to the Final Prophecy.


Continuing her quest for the Ancient Knowledge, Alice Towers faces ever greater trials as the extent of her powers and their ultimate purpose dawns upon her, whilst Leona and the Coven of Immortals endeavor to save as many minds and lives as they possibly can before the world shudders to a halt. The dream wars continue unabated and as the population descends further into the abyss of insanity, their tormentors switch tactics to an even more sinister and singular objective; brain conditioning. Merlin’s growing army battles for victory over the Demon Lord’s spawn in the Dream Realms, aided by Magog and his magnificent winged horse, Varin, who become inter-dimensional warriors. The outcome of the Final Prophecy hangs in the balance as casualties escalate into the millions. Alice uncovers the identities of the twelve individuals who make up Lillian’s Coven of Power and as she draws closer to her purpose, she learns the devastating truth behind the Gremon’s primary objective on Earth.


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