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The Final Prophecy Reviews

‘A truly worthy sequel to ‘The Toy Sorcerer’.

Echos of Narnia

At times I was reminded of the world of Narnia, though the writing style is quite different (and better, in my opinion, than the Narnia books).  Overall, very enjoyable and appreciated the author’s descriptive prose and natural dialogue…a very good read for young adults and adults alike.

This book left me wanting to know more

SHAMMERWACK!! Now, who doesn’t love him? I might not listen to him a whole lot, but he was so loving and caring towards Alice. The whole time Alice was in the realms, it was just more and more adventure for her. I truly loved the different and crazy things going on in the Dream Realms. The totally different characters really amazed me. All in all, this book left me wanting to know more.

Lessons for life wrapped in fantasy

I am full of admiration of her gifted technique in creating and describing so many strange creatures that one can begin to see quite clearly and then complete the picture by developing the characters of each of them to the point where they become lovable or fearful…

Witty, sinister, tragic, and superbly engaging

…beautifully crafted; witty, sinister, tragic, and superbly engaging from the first word. Wonderful characters weave through a maze of twists, turns, and brain teasers to keep you guessing throughout…