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Laura Hart

Terribly difficult to squash 60 years of life experience into a book sleeve biography, but I’ll give it a go.

Born the year the Beatles sang ‘Love me do’ whilst the world cowered under their kitchen tables waiting for a Cuban missile to land in the back garden.

Somehow managed to guess my way through the twelve plus into grammar school, then had a major epiphany at fourteen after my only brother died in a car crash.

Consequentially, I dumped state indoctrination as soon as I was legally able and ran away to drama school. I couldn’t find a circus.

Spent three years learning to be other people, often brandishing a blunt sword whilst singing bad limericks to music. Lived in squalid theatre digs, got drunk and stoned a fair bit, and worked in nightclubs to pay the £12 a week rent for my room.

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Moved to London to live with my delightful cad of an uncle. My life in showbiz began and I reckon I must have had an absolute ball for several years as I don’t remember much.

Had a couple of husbands and several narrow escapes, but menopause knocked all that nonsense on the head over a decade ago.

I’ve rolled up my sleeves and transformed piles of decaying stone into beautiful homes, which caused me to break several bones and bugger up my back. So, I went to college to learn CAD and 3d modelling and animation.

Which led me to design some crazy big art installations, stage sets and gigantic metal birds.

It also brought me to the glorious world of glass art and that’s where I’ve been hiding for the last dozen years.

Oh, and I wrote a couple of books too.

Third one on its way, if I can keep dodging the bullets . . . ?


“Book three of ‘The Ancient Knowledge’, may posit some interesting possibilities . . .”

The Ancient Knowledge Series

The Toy Sorcerer

The Toy Sorcerer

Imagine surviving a car crash that claimed your mother and brother. You are fourteen, struggling with terrible injuries and horrific memories that haunt your dreams. Now imagine waking up in a dimension where every dream created in the human mind is made real…

The Final Prophecy

The Final Prophecy

The Final Prophecy is upon us. The demon of the Dream Realms has passed between dimensions and unleashes his spawn upon the Earth…The last days of the old order are coming to a close and humankind’s struggle for freedom in the new age hinges on the outcome of the Final Prophecy…

Book Three

… is evolving


…beautifully crafted; witty, sinister, tragic, and superbly engaging from the first word…

– Susan Malone