This is a parable I wrote some years ago, just as I was writing, ‘The Final Prophecy’. Some weeks after I published on my humble little blog page, an American freedom of speech magazine approached me and asked if they could publish the parable. I happily agreed, spread the word!

A couple of weeks later my website crashed with a dreadful virus. Wouldn’t have been difficult for the COP’s (Coven of Power) to do, I built the site myself, so a 5 year old could have toppled it. Quite the reverse of intimidating me, I was quite gratified to know that my thorny little ditty had pissed someone off enough to try and shut me up. 

As if!!

Once upon a time there dwelt a large flock of sheep on verdant and bountiful plains. They grazed contentedly; their lambs cavorting freely as they learned the ways of being humble sheep. Their life was simple and peaceful; they lived the life Mother Nature intended; doing what they would, but harming none.

Then one day a man and his dog came to the open grasslands that were the sheep’s ancestral home, and began to build a fence around them. The sheep did not understand the fences and being trusting good natured creatures, they asked the dog why the man was closing them in.

The dog replied, “To protect you from the wolves.”

The sheep thought about this then asked. “But you are a wolf. Is the man protecting us from you?”

“No,” the dog replied, “I am here to protect you from the other wolves.”

The sheep thought again; a difficult process for sheep. “But we’ve seen no other wolves,” they finally said.

The clever dog replied. “Ahh, but that is because you have never looked!”

The sheep agreed, they had never looked for wolves, but now they were afraid that the dog was right and there were many unseen wolves that might devour them.

The sheep were grateful to the dog and the man for so kindly protecting their interests, so they went back to grazing the small area left to them.

The next day, the man returned and sent the dog to round up the sheep into a shearing shed he had built on their land. The sheep were angry and upset and tried to run away from the snarling, snapping dog, but the dog shouted at them, “There is a price to pay for your protection! You accepted our fences and guardianship, so you must offer up your wool to us in payment.”

The sheep thought again and decided that perhaps this was fair. It was a small price to pay for protection from the other wolves that would most surely devour them.

The following day, the man and dog returned and took their lambs. The sheep were devastated and tried to save their children, but the dog snapped and snarled and told them, “Stop complaining! Have the other wolves stolen your children since you came under our protection? You owe us this small thing in return for your continued safety.”

The sheep were not happy about this, but they decided if giving their children would save them from the other wolves, perhaps it was not too high a price to pay.

The following day, the man and the dog came back and took the older sheep from the flock. The others cried, “Why have you taken our kin? You have taken our wool and our children in payment, what more could you want?”

The dog replied, “Ahh, but they can not give us valuable wool and lambs because they have grown old and weak, so they must give their lives to us in payment for the protection they have received. The other wolves would devour you all!”

The sheep were very put out about this, but fear of the other wolves convinced them that the old and the weak were small sacrifice for the protection so kindly bestowed upon them all.

The following day, the dog and the man returned to the flock and forced them all into the slaughter shed. The sheep cried, “Why are you devouring us all? We have paid our debt with our wool, our children, and our old and weak, for your protection from the other wolves! Why are you doing this?”

The dog replied. “Because the fences built to protect you are so expensive to maintain that we can no longer afford to keep you on this land. But if we set you free the other wolves would devour you all and we would be out of pocket, so we have no choice but to sell your meat to pay the debt you owe.”

The sheep were horrified, but the other wolves were fearsome monsters and to risk being devoured by them was too dreadful a thing to contemplate. So they stood in line and waited their turn.

The last sheep in the line said to the dog. “Now our debt is paid, please may I ask who will devour our meat?”

The dog replied, “The price of the slaughter man is high and you sheep have cost us dearly, so your meat is worth very little. The only thing you’re now good for is dog food!”


The moral of this story is, if you fear the other wolves more than the one chewing off your leg – you’re a dumb shit sheep! Oh dear, that means we are all . . . baaaaa, baaaaa, baaaaa!