Belief: an acceptance that something exists or is true, especially one without proof.

So, by definition, belief does not require proof. The god delusion is a prime example. Except of course that all organised religions have enforced they’re implausible teachings on people, to the point of torture and execution if they resist. Putting myself in the shoes of those who’ve suffered such egregious coercion, I’m quite sure I’d get on my knees and worship a pork pie if I was being threatened with torture and burning. And all the while these pious, pernicious priests maintain their gods are brimming with love, mercy and kindness. Except of course when they’re being righteous, jealous and vengeful. A god given excuse for intolerance, hatred, murder, misogyny and war.

Lots of wars. Hundreds of them in fact, over thousands of years.

And I’m told I must respect the insanity of imposed religions?

Nope. Never. In fact, I’m incensed and insulted by the egregious nature and political purpose of them.

One might imagine that we would have evolved into intelligent free thinkers by now, eh? But the opposite is true it would seem. Apparently, it is politically incorrect to be a woman now, so if that’s the case, like with religious differences/hatred, is it likely we’ll see verbal and physical attacks on women who defend their natural born gender and orientation?

Are natural born women just not fashionable in the politically correct/insane world? Or is this another attempt to subjugate women?

Perhaps we should ask new-borns how they identify sexually before we assign them a gender or name? Perhaps wait until they reach puberty and confuse them even more with the minority ‘trans’ agenda.

Is M/F to be removed from all government forms and replaced with a litany of politically correct negative gender terminology?

And if we’re told what is and isn’t politically acceptable, are we not then under a dictatorship?

Surely political correctness is a matter of individual choice? Or is it now not acceptable to be an individual?

If so, then I haven’t a politically correct bone in my body. Nor will I ever have if it is something that a government agent has decreed.

I’m not an ‘ist’ of any invention. I’m colour/gender/ blind.  But I am not blind to the corporate isms and political terrorisms that abound, or the divide and conquer strategy they have always used against us.  Any edict spewed from a politician’s/public servant’s mouth is nine times out of ten, a corporate manipulation. A lie with intent to crush freedom of speech and remove yet another civil liberty from the compliant sheeple until they have no rights at all. No matter what age, faith, colour, creed, gender identity you are.

Given that Political Correctness was the brainchild of fascism, isn’t it about time we woke up from the illusion of democracy? Or is it a case that the fourth Reich [Klaus Shwab] is very much in control of the political/economic narrative and no one dare?

It seems there is an ocean of new terrors to navigate, where common sense and basic human decency are being drowned in countless isms and insane edicts that set us against each other. Orwellian doesn’t begin to describe the ever-changing two minutes of hate imposed upon us.

According to Herr Shwab’s economic/Bahá’í/Great Reset vision, the majority of us are, ‘useless eaters’, so one has to wonder what the would-be eugenicist would like to do with us. Or has that plan already begun in the form of an orchestrated pandemic followed by a failed vaccine that has reportedly killed over 28,000 people and injured and hospitalised over two hundred thousand more?

So far.

This mRNA experimental drug (‘vaccine’) clearly doesn’t vaccinate against/resist anything, so what did Mr. Gates and his co-mass-murderer, Anthony Fauci put in their ‘vaccine’ to complement their gain of function virus? And what is it programmed to genetically alter?

And most pertinently, why are we not allowed to discuss it? And why are the world’s foremost doctors and scientists being struck off or discredited for even questioning the pharmaceutical narrative?

Could it be that they’re keeping something from us? Could it be that the vaccine was never intended to vaccinate? Could it be that the elite who believe they own the world and everything on it or under it have decided they want more space and we useless eaters are spoiling it for them?


What do you believe?

If you want an informed choice hit the link below.

Uninformed Consent