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The Ancient Knowledge

An allegorical philosophy of past, present and future


by laura hart


A gift for storytelling that really puts the reader into the heart of the story…

– Fantasy Book Review

The Ancient Knowledge trilogy, like all its allegorical predecessors; Alice in Wonderland, The Wizard of Oz, Tolkien’s epics, even Orwell and Huxley and latterly – and more pointedly – The Matrix movies and Avatar, explores the basic nature of the human species. The extraordinary nature of human beings. That which, allegedly, sets us apart from . . . well, every other living thing in the entire Multiverse, if you’re to believe the infinitesimal limitations of organised religion/crime.

Those of us who are wide awake – and we are too few – feel just like Alice in the Dream Realms. She can see these confused, harried, anxious ghostly people, hounded by their worst fears and caviling peccadilloes. And she can plainly see the ugly, cowardly, insubstantial demons driving and feeding that fear. They are the terrible conjurings of a feeble, yet dreadful reality. The handful of soldiers marching six million disbelieving souls to their deaths.

The mouse to the Elephant. The Emperors Clothes.


I am a devotee of all well-written literature and my tastes are quite eclectic, but as a writer, I gravitate to that which has been taboo or ridiculed, or just simply dismissed as ‘insane’. Why? When I was about eight or nine years old, I asked a simple question of my R.E. (Religious Education/Indoctrination) teacher. ‘If God made everything, what made God?’ My answer? Slapped legs. The best thing that ever happened to me. From that moment on I questioned EVERYTHING that came with threat, force, or violence. My quest now? The true origins of humankind. What, or who made us so different . . . alien . . . from every other creature on this beleaguered rock we call home? The improbable and impossible are merely undiscovered facts.

The genius of Da Vinci, Asimov, Wells, Clarke, Miller, and a host of other great imaginators initiated much of the technological advances Mr. Fence and his cohorts have corrupted over the last Century. Gene Roddenberry, the creator of Star Trek, captivated millions of young minds with his communication devices – we now call them mobile phones. Without a hypothesis, there can be no advancement of any kind. And to think that only a few centuries ago, such creative scholars would have been condemned to burn at the stake for daring to challenge the omnipotent intellectual reserve of God. Currently, there are only seven scientific ‘truths’ regarding time, space, matter, and existence. All science fiction and fantasy literature revolve around them. And until another Copernicus or Einstein uncovers an eighth – Steven Hawking’s theories may well be in the running – science fiction will continue to regurgitate the same philosophies, albeit in an infinite variety of guises.

I wonder what impossible imaginings will be commonly known fact two or three centuries hence. And, conversely, what commonplace facts we accept today will be revealed incorrect? My particular fascination is inner space; the machinations of the human mind. So little is actually known about the psyche; it is still very much shrouded in conjecture. Why do we use so little of our huge brain? Is it somehow genetically locked? Should we be able to access the power so far denied us, or have we a lot more evolving to do? Or have we simply been prevented from accessing the catalyst that reveals who and what we really are? And if that’s the case, who is doing the preventing and why?

Intrigued? Let’s begin at the beginning; it’s as good a place as any . . .


‘The Toy Sorcerer’


The Toy Sorcerer

By Laura hart

The Toy Sorcerer


Imagine surviving a car crash that claimed your mother and brother. You are fourteen, struggling with terrible injuries and horrific memories that haunt your dreams. Now imagine waking up in a dimension where every dream created in the human mind is made real.

Add a host of demons, a collection of fantastical creatures, ancient Wiccans, Merlin, and the entire human population driven to the brink of insanity, then place yourself in Alice Towers shoes.


An absolute page turner … an impressive debut novel…

– The British Fantasy Society

Laura Hart

Terribly difficult to squash 60 years of life experience into a biography, but I’ll give it a go.

Born the year the Beatles sang ‘Love me do’ whilst the world cowered under their kitchen tables waiting for a Cuban missile to land in the back garden.

Somehow managed to guess my way through the twelve plus into grammar school, then had a major epiphany at fourteen after my only brother died in a car crash…everything changed.

author laura hart

The Ancient Knowledge Series

The Toy Sorcerer

The Toy Sorcerer

Imagine surviving a car crash that claimed your mother and brother. You are fourteen, struggling with terrible injuries and horrific memories that haunt your dreams. Now imagine waking up in a dimension where every dream created in the human mind is made real…

The Final Prophecy

The Final Prophecy

The Final Prophecy is upon us. The demon of the Dream Realms has passed between dimensions and unleashes his spawn upon the Earth…The last days of the old order are coming to a close and humankind’s struggle for freedom in the new age hinges on the outcome of the Final Prophecy…

Book Three

… is evolving